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I have found immense rewards of being allowed to be part of this Community - mostly in articles, antedoctal reports from other parents and the always helpful comments and suggestions of Dave Angel.
If you think that your family are all alone in this big old world struggling with something you don't understand, the Parenting Aspergers Community is a lifeline."

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I can post my question or problem on the Parenting blog for all the Parenting Asperger Community members who have Aspergers children also, to view and respond to my question or problem. Within minutes I usually have some great advice from parents whom have had the exact problem with their child and has given me invaluable advice from their experience.
Also David Angel the Founder of Parenting Aspergers Community will always monitor the advice given and give his expert solution on what I need to do to address the problem. I can honestly say that I get more out of Parenting Asperger Community website than what I would ever get from my son's Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
This website is an incredible resource and worth the membership fee ten fold! You won't be disappointed but pleasantly surprised at all the website offers. All the best on your journey"  

Shirleyanne Marelly

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Suzanne Byrne
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Dave, Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help and wisdom with ASD and for sharing that with us! I've learned so very much about my grandson's world, since meeting you and being on your mailing list. What a true blessing!"
Lynn Wiley
Hinseville, Georgia, USA 

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How Do I Know If My Child Has Asperger's Syndrome?

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If you have a child that has a few of the most common symptoms of someone with Asperger syndrome or autism, you may be wondering if there is a true way to tell clinically if your child really has it, or just shows mild signs. If this is a really new subject to you, I am sure it is, you might be worried about the causes and effects of Asperger syndrome and if there is anything you can do in order to keep your child from having it get worse.

First off, let's talk a little bit about Aspergers syndrome history. This condition was originally described as Hands Asperger back in 1944 when a doctor named Hans Asperger started to find people that had clinical characteristics very similar to autism. The biggest different between what Hans found and what is occurring in our children these days.

In 1994 The American Psychiatric Association added Aspergers syndrome to its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. it is not, however, listed under autism. Instead, it is listed under a quite wider broad spectrum in the Pervasive Developmental Disorder section of the manual.

You might be wondering about a few of the most common characteristics of Aspergers. One of the big ones is social impairment. A lot of children may show that they have lack of social skills, they don't like to be touched, not even by their parents, they do not thrive in developing friendships like other children do, and they do not like any social constructs that are "new".

In other words, if your child has a schedule he or she sticks to every morning and you change something, even something very small, they not only notice it, but their moods tend to change astronomically!

Another characteristic that a lot of children have is the inability to speak or relay their messages to you directly/correctly. A lot of children have bad motor skills, delayed speech, or they even tend to make up their own way of talking. This is one of the very worst symptoms, I think.

If your child stops speaking normal English words and makes up his or her own language with grunts or sign language or stops talking at all, this is about the time that everyone, especially you, realizes that something is wrong. Something is not exchanging correctly from a neurological standpoint.

Another big symptom relates to sensory experiences or sensitivities. A lot of children with Asperger Syndrome absolutely hate noisy situations or loud things like horns honking, fire alarms going off, parents fighting, etc.

When you think your child might have Aspergers, do not evaluate him or her on your own. You can assume all you want, but unless the child is seen by a professional, you should not assume anything! To know more visit,


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