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Aspergers Support Groups Texas

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Aspergers Support Groups Texas

Parent Case Management
4601 Harford
Abilene, TX 79605
915-691-7345 fax (fax)
Texas Advocates Supporting Kids with Disabilities
P.O. Box 162685
Austin, TX 78716
Texas Parent to Parent
3710 Cedar St. Box 12
Austin, TX 78705
866-896-6001 (fax)
Parent Connection
1020 Riverwood Court
Conroe, TX 77304
Northwest Houston Chapter of the ASA
ASA Chapters, Information and Support
P.O. Box 1363
Cypress, TX 77410
DANISH (Dallas Asperger Network of Information, Support, and Help)
Nancy Mandell, Joy Ruble, Janis Schubert
Richardson Medical Center 375 Municipal Dr #224
Dallas-Plano-Richardson, TX 75080

 ASA of Greater Tarrent County
P.O. Box 161516
Fort Worth, TX 76161
AS and Related Disorder support group
Information and support for parents and professionals
DeAnn Hyatt-Foley
The Parenting Cottage, 3818 50th Street
Lubbock, TX 

West Texas Asperger Support Group
Information and support
St. Paul Presbyterian Church, 11 North Park
San Angelo, TX 79601
Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of A.S.A.
Parent Group
Sherry Dewees
P.O. Box 57865
Webster, TX 77598


Autism Society of El Paso   
1340 Murchison       
El Paso    Texas    79913

Autism Society Texas Gulf Coast Chapter   
PO Box 57865       
Webster    Texas    77598-7865

Autism Society Greater Austin Chapter   
PO Box 160841       
Austin    Texas    78716-0841

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Here's what people benefiting from our Aspergers advise are saying ...

"I subscribed to this Community about a year ago in hopes of finding support and sharing experiences with other parents who are also given the challenge of nuturing a teenager/young adult who has been given the two-edged gift of Aspergers.
I have found immense rewards of being allowed to be part of this Community - mostly in articles, antedoctal reports from other parents and the always helpful comments and suggestions of Dave Angel.
If you think that your family are all alone in this big old world struggling with something you don't understand, the Parenting Aspergers Community is a lifeline."

Judy Berry

""Hi Dave, just to let you know and other mums out there, that your website makes you feel your not alone and isolated, I can send a mesage anytime, and help is there very soon, thanks for your help Dave"

Lynn M

"The Parenting Aspergers Community Web site has helped me with my difficult journey as a parent of an Asperger child. It is comforting to know that when I have a question or having a problem with my Asperger son that I have an incredible resource at the tip of my fingers.
I can post my question or problem on the Parenting blog for all the Parenting Asperger Community members who have Aspergers children also, to view and respond to my question or problem. Within minutes I usually have some great advice from parents whom have had the exact problem with their child and has given me invaluable advice from their experience.
Also David Angel the Founder of Parenting Aspergers Community will always monitor the advice given and give his expert solution on what I need to do to address the problem. I can honestly say that I get more out of Parenting Asperger Community website than what I would ever get from my son's Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
This website is an incredible resource and worth the membership fee ten fold! You won't be disappointed but pleasantly surprised at all the website offers. All the best on your journey"  

Shirleyanne Marelly

"Your articles help me a great deal in trying to understand my son and find ways of helping him. Keep up the good work, in my mind you truly are an angel."
Suzanne Byrne
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Dave, Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help and wisdom with ASD and for sharing that with us! I've learned so very much about my grandson's world, since meeting you and being on your mailing list. What a true blessing!"
Lynn Wiley
Hinseville, Georgia, USA