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About Parenting Aspergers Community ...

Do you want to add to your existing parenting skills and become an even better parent for your child with Aspergers?

Loaded with practical, up-to-date, and easy-to-use information Parenting Aspergers Community will help you, whatever your situation, to improve the life of your child with Aspergers and the whole family too.

To learn more about what it's like when you become a member Click here

In the members only area you will find advice on topics such as:

  • Helping your child to develop social skills and build relationships
  • Helping them get the most out of school
  • Using effective behavioral strategies
  • Helping out siblings
  • Different therapy approaches that can be used
  • Diagnosis issues
  •  ... and a whole lot more besides.

We give you information that will enable you to parent your child and their siblings, and improve your family situation, with down-to-earth and easy-to-use help. Members enjoy a whole host of advice on subjects as diverse as teenaged tantrums, mental health problems, developing independence, involving other family support more effectively, teaching safety skills to children and so much more.

The membership base stretches a number of continents, from North America to Europe and on to Australaisa......we are growing daily!

Parenting Aspergers Community is a global online interactive community exclusively for parents of children with Aspergers, where members find sound, honest and trustworthy advice from trained professionals as well as the support, friendship and help of other parents who know exactly what you're experiencing in life.

What would it feel like to have all the information at your finger tips to enable you to parent your child even more effectively on the following topics?

  • Building real life friendships at home and in the local community
  • Developing the skills to become more independent (no matter what age)
  • Managing tricky and challenging behaviors
  • Developing the essential skills that your child needs for school success
  • Coping when your child hits a crisis point
  • Preparing older children for life after school
  • Involving close and distant family members to play a more positive role in raising your child
  • Understanding other common problems like ADHD, depression and OCD

Well it's all here and what's more, its updated weekly with new information, techniques and approaches.

Why not visit our sample articles where you will find all this information as well as much more to give you a taste of what you gain access to when you join The Parenting Aspergers Community

In the community you will find an enormous amount of information specifically for your child. Just a few of the topics discussed include:

  • How to help your child make friends and be accepted by others
  • Strategies and techniques for improving social skills
  • Helping your child on the tricky subjects of sex and sexuality
  • How to make things safe for everyone in the family

Learn more about how you can:

  • Communicate even more effectively with your child
  • Cope with a variety of challenging behaviors and also manage your own feelings during the difficult moments
  • Work with your child if he/she displays socially unacceptable behavior (including swearing and aggression)
  • Help your child through the minefield that is puberty and teenage years

In our Discussion Forum you get the opportunity to interact personally with me as well as tap into the collective experience and wisdom of fellow parents of children with Aspergers from around the world who face the same challenges; and are as equally devoted to doing the best possible job in raising their child, just like you!

Join today and get instant access to...

  • A searchable resource library of parenting techniques and strategies.
  • In depth, knowledge building articles on how to parent your child in the whole range of essential areas (from behavioural issues, to medical needs, social skills, education and so much more).
  • An up-to-date and ever-changing Aspergers video library where you can view the best Aspergers videos on the web today.
  • All the current Aspergers related news stories from around the world as they happen.
  • Every single back-dated edition of The Parenting Aspergers newsletter (which is packed with Aspergers stories, tips and news) from the past 18 months.
  • And the vibrant parents community through the Discussion Forum.

I am constantly updating the site with practical information that you can pick up and use with your child immediately. I am sure you'll find a mass of interesting, informative information on this site, but if you're still unsure why not sign up to the free tip of the week? Each week you'll receive information related to parenting your child with Aspergers, totally free.

I welcome any comments or questions that you may have so why not contact me, I'll be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for your interest and good luck to both you and your child!


Dave Angel 

Founder - Parenting Aspergers Community


 Discussion Forum
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Here's what people benefiting from our Aspergers advise are saying ...

"I subscribed to this Community about a year ago in hopes of finding support and sharing experiences with other parents who are also given the challenge of nuturing a teenager/young adult who has been given the two-edged gift of Aspergers.
I have found immense rewards of being allowed to be part of this Community - mostly in articles, antedoctal reports from other parents and the always helpful comments and suggestions of Dave Angel.
If you think that your family are all alone in this big old world struggling with something you don't understand, the Parenting Aspergers Community is a lifeline."

Judy Berry

""Hi Dave, just to let you know and other mums out there, that your website makes you feel your not alone and isolated, I can send a mesage anytime, and help is there very soon, thanks for your help Dave"

Lynn M

"The Parenting Aspergers Community Web site has helped me with my difficult journey as a parent of an Asperger child. It is comforting to know that when I have a question or having a problem with my Asperger son that I have an incredible resource at the tip of my fingers.
I can post my question or problem on the Parenting blog for all the Parenting Asperger Community members who have Aspergers children also, to view and respond to my question or problem. Within minutes I usually have some great advice from parents whom have had the exact problem with their child and has given me invaluable advice from their experience.
Also David Angel the Founder of Parenting Aspergers Community will always monitor the advice given and give his expert solution on what I need to do to address the problem. I can honestly say that I get more out of Parenting Asperger Community website than what I would ever get from my son's Psychologist or Psychiatrist.
This website is an incredible resource and worth the membership fee ten fold! You won't be disappointed but pleasantly surprised at all the website offers. All the best on your journey"  

Shirleyanne Marelly

"Your articles help me a great deal in trying to understand my son and find ways of helping him. Keep up the good work, in my mind you truly are an angel."
Suzanne Byrne
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Dave, Just wanted to THANK YOU for all your help and wisdom with ASD and for sharing that with us! I've learned so very much about my grandson's world, since meeting you and being on your mailing list. What a true blessing!"
Lynn Wiley
Hinseville, Georgia, USA